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Ireland"s Largest Hydroponic Grow Shop Dublin. Grow Tent Kits, Grow Lights Kits and Hydroponic Systems. Order online or collect in Dublin Grow Warehouse. Supplying EU and international customers accepting Worldpay, Paypal or Bitcoin.

We offer everything needed to enter the world of hydroponic growing, including growing mediums, pumps, lighting, grow tents, odour control, nutrients and much more.
We stock professional grow systems, as well as the materials needed to design and build your own hydroponic system. Our team of professionals are available to answer any of your questions regarding design and construction of various hydroponic techniques and offer advice for troubleshooting any problems that may arise during the process.
We support a no hassle return policy and offer equipment after sales support for all customers. We also offer a Pro Free design service for all customers. Check out our free online chat tab at the top of the page to have any of your hydroponic or payment questions answered.
We are constantly looking for ways to make learning hydroponic growing easier for our customers and have developed some useful tools to help. Our Extraction calculator [link] is useful for deciding what size of fan and ducting is needed to sufficiently ventilate your grow tent or grow room, or have a look at our online tent builder app.
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The Hydroponics Store Grow Shop Dublin Ireland
Unit L4
D12 Dublin



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